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June 13, 2016

Gallery Tour: “Be a Part of the Art!”

rv_back window_IMG_6417_rev-3_crop5_580wOn June 9th, Renewal Care Foundation sponsored its second Chelsea gallery tour, designed to provide an enriching environment for individuals with memory loss and their Care Partners to appreciate art together. The theme of this year’s tour was “Be A Part of the Art!”, and featured interactive exhibits that invite audience participation. The tour was lead by the ever-fascinating and brilliant Lynne Mayocole, an art enthusiast and sculptor with a gift for making conceptual art accessible to all.

Our tour began at the Gallery d’Arte with a special treat: a live discussion with physicist-turned-artist Sylven Cutler, whose works are on display. Sylven has created stunning geometric paintings with his Care Partner Nick Biscardi. You can read more about their work together in a previous post of Insights on Care.

Other galleries we visited included C Gallery 24, Luhring Augustine, and Andrea Rosen, featuring works of Carole Feuerman, Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller, and Félix González-Torres. From automated marionettes to audience-controlled music, the tour certainly lived up to its promise of an interactive experience.

Care Partner and attendee Paddy Johnson noted that “the shows were all very different, which lent the tour variety and interest, and contributed to discussion, engagement, bemusement, and – hopefully – some delight.” We think everyone who attended would agree!

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