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Care Stories

Our services sustain and celebrate life. By matching each of our clients with Care Partners who share their interests and values, we enable people giving and receiving care to embark on shared journeys. Together, our clients and Care Partners create art, explore museums, and engage in other mutually engaging activities.

To help inspire others who may be encountering the challenges of aging or living with a disability, several of our clients and Care Partners generously agreed to share their stories. We invite you to read about their experiences.

Recent Stories

Jack and Kevin

Jack, a retired fine arts professor, overcomes the challenges of Parkinson's disease by working with a Care Partner who is also an artist. Read story »

Annemarie and Bri

With administrative support from a Care Partner, a leading writer and teacher in holistic nutrition maintains an active life while recovering from a heart condition. Read story »

Parker and Mario

Parker, a retired theater producer, manages his diabetes with a Care Partner who shares his passion for the performing arts. Read story »