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Annemarie and Bri

Impressively, Annemarie’s work has always been only one facet of her life accomplishments. She also raised two daughters. While both of them now live outside New York, they visit her frequently. Annemarie also often takes trips to Colorado, where one of her daughters and grandchildren live.


In 2011, Annemarie’s life changed. Her husband of many years passed away. Around the same time, she developed a heart condition for which she required surgery. “I’ve been so lucky in life,” Annemarie says. “This was my turn for some bad luck.”

When Annemarie returned home after her stay in the hospital, she felt disoriented. She found she was forgetting appointments and struggling to keep up with all the mail she received. She also had a hard time tracking her expenses and ensuring her bills were paid. “At first, I thought I was just tired,” Annemarie said. “But after time passed and I continued to feel the same way, I realized something had changed.”

Annemarie realized she was entering another stage of life. Her body and mind were changing. She was getting older. “Aging is a natural process,” Annemarie says, “and nothing to be ashamed of. The important thing is to notice and respond to the changes you experience—and to get help when you need it!”

Through a conversation with her longtime assistant, Annemarie learned about Renewal Care Partners. “I’ve been lucky to have a lot of support in my life,” Annemarie says. “What interested me in Renewal is their holistic approach and their preventative focus on working with people before a crisis hits.”

Care Partnership

Annemarie had a clear picture of the help she needed. “I wanted someone who could help me with my personal bookkeeping and with things like setting up my phone and computer,” Annemarie said. Annemarie met with one of Renewal’s Care Managers and described what she was looking for. “I also needed someone who could help me stay organized. The person had to be patient, trustworthy, and quick.”

During their assessment, Annemarie’s Care Manager learned that she had not yet submitted all her paperwork for her Medicare benefits. She also needed help sorting out some of her medical bills from her stay at the hospital. “Renewal was able to help me with more than I expected,” Annemarie says. “It was a nice surprise.”

Based on the needs that Annemarie articulated, Annemarie’s Care Manager introduced her to Briana, who was working for Renewal in an administrative role. While Briana’s work centers in the main office, Renewal maintains a guiding principle that all employees, at all levels, engage in direct care. “Everyone at Renewal looks for opportunities to work directly with clients,” Briana says. “It’s one way we all stay connected to what the organization is all about. Plus, it’s fun.”