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Jack and Kevin

So Kevin set this goal with Jack and started thinking about creative ways of achieving it. “One of my mentors in college was into art therapy, and I learned some things from him,” Kevin says. “To start, Jack and I took trips to the Guggenheim, Met, and other museums. It was a good way for us to be active, get out of the apartment, be around some people, and maybe feel some inspiration.”

Kevin also patiently encouraged Jack to try painting again. “I’d suggest Jack try holding a paintbrush again,” recalls Kevin. “After Jack became comfortable with that, I’d suggest we paint together for five minutes each day. I’d put on music he likes, to help keep the experience relaxing and fun. Before long, we were painting together for hours each day. Jack was creating beautiful, expressive art. It was amazing.”

“I’ve learned so much from my relationship with Jack,” Kevin reflects. “I’ve learned about art, identity, and courage. I’ve also learned about the deep capacity for caring for others that we all have. Taking full responsibility for the care of another person is tough work, and there are times when every caregiver wonders whether you have any more care to give. What I’ve learned, though, is that we all have a greater ability to love and care for others than we ever could imagine.”