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February 10, 2014

Renewal Care Partners Receives Age Smart Employer Award

Jo Ivey Boufford, Bette Goodman, Alana Hartman, Patrick O'Brien, Joe Fisher, Diane Brady

We are thrilled to announce that Renewal Care Partners has received an Age Smart Employer Award!

Led by The New York Academy of Medicine with support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the Age Smart Employer Awards honor employers who value workers of all ages.

“We’re thrilled to have such a compelling group of winners for our first Age Smart Employer Awards,” says Dr. Jo Ivey Boufford, President of The New York Academy of Medicine. “These employers have demonstrated their organization’s commitment to embracing and leveraging the unique talents of a multigenerational workforce.”

“For an organization like ours that serves the aging population, an Age Smart Award is better than an Oscar,” says Patrick O’Brien, Executive Director of Renewal Care Partners. read full article »

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November 15, 2013

Renewal Care Joins World Inquiry on Social Enterprise

A team of researchers at the University of Pennsylvania profiled Renewal Care Partners in Case Western University’s World Inquiry, a global research initiative exploring innovations in the private sector that create world benefit.

“Renewal Care Partners is a pioneer in long-term care,” says Dr. Joseph Kasper, MD, a member of the research team. “The organization recognizes that cultivating well-being among their staff not only prevents burnout, but also enhances the quality of care their clients receive. This approach differs markedly from typical practices in long-term care. We believe it has the potential to help reinvigorate the sector.”

The national research team included Dr. Samantha Boardman, MD, a clinical instructor of Psychiatry and Public Health at Cornell Medical College and founder of Positive Prescription; Dr. Jason Powers, MD, an addiction specialist and Chief Medical Officer of Right Step; Dr. Joseph Kasper, MD, who leads a private practice in internal medicine; and Zak Kelm, a researcher in positive psychology.

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July 12, 2013

Renewal Care Partners Becomes a Certified Benefit Corporation

We are proud to announce that Renewal Care Partners has become a Certified Benefit Corporation.

Benefit Corporations or (“B Corporations”) are a new kind of company that use the power of business for the benefit of society and the environment. Like nonprofit organizations, B Corporations exist for the common good. They put the interests  of stakeholders—including their employees, clients, communities, and the environment—ahead of private interests.

To support socially-responsible businesses, New York State approved the formation of Benefit Corporations in 2012. Having completed the certification process in 2013, Renewal Care Partners is among the first health care providers to become a B Corporation.

We became a B Corporation because we believe that social enterprise can help lead the way to a better world. Our clients’ well-being depends on the well-being of the families and professionals who care for them. Similarly, our long-term viability as an organization depends on the health of the communities and environment in which we work. Our recognition of this interconnectedness underlies our approach to care and the way we manage our organization. read full article »

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June 19, 2013

Gratitude 2.0

Renewal Care Partners and DohJe are working together to support the expression of gratitude between people giving and receiving long-term care.

DohJe is an online gratitude platform that provides a simple way for clients and their families to send online thank-you notes to the health professionals who have made a positive impact on their lives.

“DohJe is about the deep thank you, the gratitude that lasts,” says Dawn Cheairs, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at DohJe. “Our goal with DohJe is to celebrate the people who care for us, including the many wonderful Care Partners and other staff at Renewal Care Partners.”

At, clients and their families can compose personalized thank-you messages and send them to their Care Partners. Through DohJe, Care Partners can then respond to and store the positive feedback they receive, which they can revisit at any time for inspiration and support.

“DohJ’e goals align with our mission,” says Patrick O’Brien, Executive Director of Renewal Care Partners. read full article »

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