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June 19, 2013

Gratitude 2.0

Renewal Care Partners and DohJe are working together to support the expression of gratitude between people giving and receiving long-term care.

DohJe is an online gratitude platform that provides a simple way for clients and their families to send online thank-you notes to the health professionals who have made a positive impact on their lives.

“DohJe is about the deep thank you, the gratitude that lasts,” says Dawn Cheairs, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at DohJe. “Our goal with DohJe is to celebrate the people who care for us, including the many wonderful Care Partners and other staff at Renewal Care Partners.”

At, clients and their families can compose personalized thank-you messages and send them to their Care Partners. Through DohJe, Care Partners can then respond to and store the positive feedback they receive, which they can revisit at any time for inspiration and support.

“DohJ’e goals align with our mission,” says Patrick O’Brien, Executive Director of Renewal Care Partners. “Empirical research continues to link the expression of gratitude to well-being. DohJe excites us for its potential to empower people giving and receiving long-term care to share the gratitude they experience and help one another flourish.”  return ››

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