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November 15, 2013

Renewal Care Joins World Inquiry on Social Enterprise

A team of researchers at the University of Pennsylvania profiled Renewal Care Partners in Case Western University’s World Inquiry, a global research initiative exploring innovations in the private sector that create world benefit.

“Renewal Care Partners is a pioneer in long-term care,” says Dr. Joseph Kasper, MD, a member of the research team. “The organization recognizes that cultivating well-being among their staff not only prevents burnout, but also enhances the quality of care their clients receive. This approach differs markedly from typical practices in long-term care. We believe it has the potential to help reinvigorate the sector.”

The national research team included Dr. Samantha Boardman, MD, a clinical instructor of Psychiatry and Public Health at Cornell Medical College and founder of Positive Prescription; Dr. Jason Powers, MD, an addiction specialist and Chief Medical Officer of Right Step; Dr. Joseph Kasper, MD, who leads a private practice in internal medicine; and Zak Kelm, a researcher in positive psychology.  return ››

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