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Care Management

  1. What is care management?

    Care management includes guidance, coordination, and advocacy to help older adults, people living with complex health challenges, and their families navigate the health care system. By helping manage clients' day-to-day care and by sharing their expertise, care managers work to ensure clients receive excellent care while controlling costs1. Care managers also provide coaching and support to the family members of clients receiving care.

  2. Who benefits from care management services?

    Clients with complex health care needs often benefit most from care management services.2 This includes clients with multiple chronic conditions, frequent hospitalizations, and limitations on their ability to perform daily functions due to physical and mental challenges. Older adults work with care managers, as do younger adults with physical or developmental disabilities, brain injuries, mental health problems, and chronic or serious illnesses of any type.

    Care management benefits clients' families as well as the clients themselves.3 Family members may seek out care managers when they first become involved with a loved one's care and need direction about available services and resources. Moreover, family members who are "long-distance" caregivers or have limited time or expertise to care for a loved one often rely on care managers to ensure their loved one receives the best possible care.

  3. What care management services does Renewal Care Partners provide?

    Evidence suggests that person-to-person engagement is essential for clients to realize the benefits of care management4. For this reason, our Care Managers visit clients in their places of residence and work with them face-to-face.

    Care Managers at Renewal Care Partners provide the following services:

    • Assessment and planning: helping clients and their families identify and utilize social, legal, financial, and other resources and programs to enhance their holistic well-being, including assistance with benefits and paperwork
    • Monitoring and problem-solving: in-home visits with client to ensure quality of care and help identify and address issues that emerge over the course of a client's care
    • Coordination of care: supporting communication among clients, their families, and healthcare professionals, including accompanying clients to medical appointments
    • Support for family caregivers: coaching and other support for family caregivers (for example, in working with clients who are resistant to care)
  4. What are the backgrounds of the care managers at Renewal Care Partners?

    At Renewal Care Partners, our Care Managers are specialists in health and human services. They have education and experience in nursing, social work, gerontology, psychology, and related fields. They hold certifications from the National Academy of Certified Care Managers, the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers, and similar organizations with stringent membership requirements and standards of practice.

  5. What is the process for starting care management services with Renewal Care Partners?

    As is true for all services we provide, an authentic connection forms the cornerstone of our approach. We match you with a Care Manager who not only has the knowledge and experience to help manage your care, but also is a person whom you can relate to and trust. Once you begin working with a Care Manager, he or she will be on-call and available when you or a loved one needs assistance.

  6. Does Renewal Care Partners require a minimum number of hours of service for care management?

    We have no minimum service period for working with a Care Manager. Some clients work with Care Managers for one or two sessions, such as for a consultation when initially planning for care. Other clients work with Care Managers on an ongoing basis over many years. Although we do not require a minimum number of hours per session with a Care Manager, we charge a minimum consultation fee.

  7. Does Renewal Care Partners work with care managers who practice independently?

    Clients receiving home care or companion care from Renewal Care Partners also sometimes work with care management professionals who are not members of our staff. When this is the case, we partner with you and your current provider to coordinate your care.

  8. What are the costs of care management services?

    The cost of care management services depends on each client’s needs. For an estimate, please contact us for a free consultation. In the event we are unable to meet your needs, we will refer you to other providers.

  9. How do I request care management services?

    To learn more about care management or to request services, please contact us.

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