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Colleen Pike-Blair

Colleen grew up in Canada. She has a degree in history from McGill University, a Certificate in Geriatric Care Management from Hunter College, and is a self-taught artist currently specializing in stone lithography. Colleen worked as a Care Partner with Renewal Care before moving into Care Management. In her one-on-one work with Clients, Colleen often introduced art-making as a shared pursuit to help Clients living with memory loss experience a stronger engagement with others and with their own sense of self. As a member of the Senior Care Management team, Colleen is inspired by the compassion and skill of our Care Partners and by the extraordinary people who are our Clients. Colleen is passionate about education and social justice; she has served on the boards of several independent schools to promote progressive and racially equitable approaches to education and community relations. When not working in the lithography studio, Colleen enjoys reading, movies, gardening, foraging, and cooking dinner together with her three children and her mom. 

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