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Neesha Roy

Neesha Roy is an Associate Care Manager at Renewal Care. From Shillong, India, Neesha earned an MBA in Human Resources in Pune, India, and a Master’s in Public Health from Columbia University. She has an avid interest in the field of aging and has been previously employed with the United Health Group, interned at the NYC Department for the Aging, and was a research assistant for The Robert N. Butler Columbia Aging Center. 

Neesha’s passion for her work at Renewal Care is described in her own words, “Seeing both my grandmothers follow vastly different aging trajectories inculcated a great sense of curiosity in me, one that over time, drove me to further explore the complex, yet fascinating nature of the aging process. My passion for empowering older adults to live with dignity and pride while enabling them to continue aging in place in the comfort of their homes, is what motivates me to do this work.”

When not writing, Neesha likes to spend time reading, gardening and cooking Bengali food. She also enjoys traveling, photography and collecting mineral figurines.

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